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by composerjk
20 Nov 2019, 16:59
Forum: Type and Font Design
Topic: Community creates a textual font
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Re: Community creates a textual font

If I may ask, what does "interpolating" mean? Interpolating is determining designs through calculations between two other compatible designs. We often refer to using multiple masters for this. A type designer draws at least two masters, e.g., a light and a heavy. Each glyph would have the same numb...
by composerjk
03 Mar 2017, 21:36
Forum: Type and Font Design
Topic: Text fonts in musical scores
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Re: Text fonts in musical scores

Schirmer Manual of Style says on p. 13: "See also the section on Microtones (page 121)". There's only 100 pages, so it's possible that the manual they sell is somehow incomplete? But maybe it's only specific contemporary notation, so I won't miss much, as I use only traditional one. See page 101 fo...
by composerjk
15 Jan 2017, 20:10
Forum: Type and Font Design
Topic: SMuFL creation
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Re: SMuFL creation

…Dorico mostly only cares about the engraving defaults and bounding box sections,… The optional glyphBBoxes bounding box section is primarily to provide data for Finale, per the footnote here: I would expect that Dorico would n...
by composerjk
27 Oct 2016, 22:09
Forum: Digital Notation Tools
Topic: Dorico
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Re: Dorico

Great to hear that SMuFL seems to be working as expected in Dorico. I haven't been able to locate where the Bravura metadata file (and in turn, metadata for other fonts) is supposed to be stored, though. Perhaps you could enlighten me? On Windows, the location is C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico\f...