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by laurencepayne
31 Mar 2018, 14:38
Forum: Digital Notation Tools
Topic: Finale or Sibelius
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Re: Finale or Sibelius

It seems that you have both Finale and Sibelius. If you start doing new work in Sibelius, Finale will still be there. You're not going to try anything silly like converting all your old work into Sibelius, are you? What can we say except 'try it and see'?
by laurencepayne
30 Mar 2018, 17:39
Forum: Engraving Commentaries
Topic: Real Book Style
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Re: Real Book Style

Both irritatingly 'quirky' I'm afraid. The '7' characters in the chord names are particularly annoying. And many chord symbols are aligned too far to the right.

by laurencepayne
30 Mar 2018, 17:34
Forum: Engraving Commentaries
Topic: A case study in why not to use sans-serifs
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Re: A case study in why not to use sans-serifs

The title and copyright text is irritating, but is there a problem with the actual music?

I had a little bet with myself that their website would feature grey-on-grey text. Yup.