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by ttw
10 Jun 2018, 22:48
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Topic: Finale or Sibelius
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Re: Finale or Sibelius

Having 64-bit words usually gives some increase in bandwidth for the same clock speeds. Of course, I worked for Cray for some years so some of the byte or bit- addressable stuff may not speed up. The bus widths are usually twice as wide. This means that scalar accesses for instructions are faster. I...
by ttw
15 Oct 2017, 22:26
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Topic: OT, but… (dissonance & consonance in same piece)
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Re: OT, but… (dissonance & consonance in same piece)

Some people fail to realize that neither consonance nor dissonance is the point of a piece. The varying contrast between the two is important. In a mild sense, one does not use consonance for its own sake but to oppose dissonance. Of course, consonance and dissonance are fuzzy concepts but the core ...