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by David Ward
13 Mar 2020, 16:55
Forum: Engraving Commentaries
Topic: If Dorico had Dorico...
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Re: If Dorico had Dorico...

John Ruggero wrote:
13 Mar 2020, 13:46
benwiggy wrote:
13 Mar 2020, 11:42
I think he'd be rather impressed with the result.
I think so too. Beautiful.
Yes, indeed.
by David Ward
09 Mar 2020, 22:31
Forum: Digital Notation Tools
Topic: "Ten Music Notation Programs", including Dorico
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Re: "Ten Music Notation Programs", including Dorico

I may be a flag-waver for Dorico, but that's because I've used so many other notation apps that didn't do what software is supposed to do: to help us; and to do the work for us. The only notation ‘software’ that can really be made to do exactly what I want is manuscript; but of course that's time-c...
by David Ward
04 Mar 2020, 17:11
Forum: Engraving Commentaries
Topic: Score with no dots!
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Re: Score with no dots!

When I recently offered a string quartet parts newly typeset in Finale for a piece of mine they premiered in 1994 from my hand copied parts, they declined, saying they'd prefer to use the old parts. I don't think it would have taken long to transfer their markings to smart new parts, so I'm not sure...
by David Ward
01 Mar 2020, 08:32
Forum: Digital Notation Tools
Topic: Future of notation software
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Re: Future of notation software

It took several years of my pestering before they added something as minimal as a shortcut for the Clear key for Mac laptops! Puh!!!! I didn't know that it existed, I needed it so many times. And what's the key?? Shift-Fn-Delete works as clear; but that needs two hands. Is there a one-handed option?
by David Ward
20 Feb 2020, 08:19
Forum: Notation Rules and Standards
Topic: Triplet across beat?
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Triplet across beat?

The general view is that A is acceptable but B is not. Do members of this forum believe there any situations where B would be OK? Perhaps in a free cadenza-like passage in which exact counting/ensemble is not the point? And what about triplets across the middle beats of 4/4? I suspect I may sometime...
by David Ward
15 Feb 2020, 15:35
Forum: Notation Rules and Standards
Topic: Lost Notation 4
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Re: Lost Notation 4

John Ruggero wrote:
15 Feb 2020, 14:37
As with so many human endeavors, what starts out as spontaneous, creative and exciting eventually becomes calculated, mechanical and humdrum as the heights of human achievement are ground down to stolid mediocrity.
Ha! Yes.
by David Ward
06 Jan 2020, 15:40
Forum: Notation Rules and Standards
Topic: Lost Notation 1
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Re: Lost Notation 1

An impressive explanation/dissertation as always. Thank you John for all these posts.
by David Ward
16 Dec 2019, 08:13
Forum: Notation Rules and Standards
Topic: Timpani. Ma secco, per favore.
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Re: Timpani. Ma secco, per favore.

Any of these should result in a secco attack, varying according to tempo and dynamic. You may choose to add sec., especially when very loud, but the articulation on its own ought to be enough.
by David Ward
11 Dec 2019, 20:44
Forum: Notation Rules and Standards
Topic: Trombone Partial/Position Indication
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Re: Trombone Partial/Position Indication

Are you referring to the sharp positions, such as :s 2 or officially more idiomatically :s II to play the G above middle C as an alternative to playing it in IV or even in VI? It's seldom necessary to mark these positions, but if there is a G you quite specifically want played in a sharp second posi...
by David Ward
09 Dec 2019, 16:45
Forum: Problems and Solutions (Help)
Topic: Vocal score yet again.
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Vocal score yet again.

Here are two screenshots of a bit of spoken dialogue with partial instrumental accompaniment from a chamber opera, one of the full score, the other of the vocal score. Question: despite the simple texture, it's obviously impossible for the vocal score pianist to play each of the three elements at th...