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by RMK
11 Apr 2016, 22:47
Forum: Digital Notation Tools
Topic: SCORE?
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If I remember correctly, the person who engraved the SCORE version initiated this contest, confident that SCORE would edge out all competitors.

When it appeared that was not going to be the case, he quickly cancelled the contest.
by RMK
02 Apr 2016, 15:39
Forum: Engraving Commentaries
Topic: Mastering Rachmaninoff
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Re: Mastering Rachmaninoff

Since this is an international discussion board, I would be careful discussing copyright issues. In some countries (like Canada, where IMSLP is based) it is a simple life + 50 years. The US has a labyrinthine and complicated law, brought to you by the Disney Company (in the form of pay-offs to membe...
by RMK
08 Feb 2016, 13:10
Forum: Notation Rules and Standards
Topic: On Beaming
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Re: On Beaming

I believe Petroushka 3 movements is in public domain since it was originally published before 1923. If the Boosey is truly a reprint and not a revised version, it too is PD.

cGilmore: Is that Symphony of Psalms?
by RMK
09 Jan 2016, 23:53
Forum: Type and Font Design
Topic: [BRAVURA] Organizing the font?
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Re: [BRAVURA] Organizing the font?

It's possible. I do it all the time.

There is also a font called Norfolk which is a version of Bravura optimized for Sibelius. You might have more luck with that if you want it for your default music font.
by RMK
05 Jan 2016, 13:17
Forum: Type and Font Design
Topic: [BRAVURA] What does this represent?
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Re: [BRAVURA] What does this represent?

I've been a professional clarinetist for more than 40 years and have never seen this clef. Anyway :f 9 would be an incorrect transposition for bass clarinet, since it is transposed a major ninth higher than written (usually, but let's not open *that* can of worms).
by RMK
23 Dec 2015, 00:23
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Topic: Espressivo font
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Re: Espressivo font

About the peddling – long, very long ago I stopped sending my critics to some composers that I work with. Everyone knows why and must take its own responsibility
Very wise advice. I wish I had taken it about 20 years ago!
by RMK
22 Dec 2015, 19:28
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Topic: Crumb's unique rhythms
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Re: Crumb's unique rhythms

Keep in mind that Crumb worked as a copyist for quite a while. His autography is beautiful - suitable for framing.

The music isn't bad, either...
by RMK
16 Dec 2015, 13:24
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Topic: Pencils for music
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Re: Pencils for music

I find that on average in each box of 12 Staedtler Tradition 3B there are 2 individual pencils whose leads keep breaking when being sharpened. As soon as this happens for a third time with any individual pencil, I bin it. The others in the same box continue to sharpen without any problem. Sort of h...
by RMK
05 Dec 2015, 20:15
Forum: Manual Notation
Topic: How to make an orchestral performance part from loose sheets of paper.
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Re: How to make an orchestral performance part from loose sheets of paper.

There is a video tab leading to more videos, although I don't think he has one addressing your particular issue. However, there are countless videos on bookbinding that should lead you to that information.