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Dorico Diary No14

Posted: 29 Jun 2016, 19:06
by OCTO ... y-part-14/

Very interesting, this InDesign style of layout is IMO one of the ground breaking tools. I have been using ID for a very long time at the final stage prior to sending PDF to my printer. ID is absolutely astonishing application, but if this will be found in Dorico, my joy will be complete!

Add: movement/instrument way of organizing documents is fantastic too. It remains to be seen in vivo.

Re: Dorico Diary No14

Posted: 29 Jun 2016, 19:15
And this is my letter to Daniel Spreadbury, dating 17 Sept. 2014; numerous ideas, here No 4:
4. Document container.
Each document has its own fonts, sizes etc.
It could be great to have something what we have in InDesign: a
document container. There could we have separate movements, or
separate parts, and all changes in one document could affect all
other. For instance, I decide to use Arial instead of Times, and if I
apply that all expressions will be Arial, so all documents in the
document container would have that change. It is very convenient if
you want to keep a house style of your files. Sometimes when you work
in one piece, you discover that the slur should be more flat. That
applies to all documents in the container. So everything is possible
to customize constantly.
Hope I have some credits in this! ;) :)