Engraver vs Engraver; Editor vs Editor

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Re: Engraver vs Engraver; Editor vs Editor

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MJCube wrote: What does everyone think of horizontally centering the whole note in (what I now realize is) measure 1? Before the 20th century this was universal practice where all staves contain only a full-bar note, and no music software so far does this. I have been faking it in Finale and Sibelius for over a quarter century. Does anyone agree with me that the old-fashioned centered way looks better?
Yes I do. I think they are just beautiful.
Thank you for pointing into this!
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Re: Engraver vs Engraver; Editor vs Editor

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Knut wrote:I suspect we were using the term voices (now layers) in different ways here. … Regardless of the how the music is entered, it is clear that the upper chord still should be termed layer 1 and the bass notes layer 2, even if the stems are flipped opposite their default directions.
It depends whether we’re talking about composing, studying & performing versus copying, editing & publishing. Obviously this music has simultaneous lines, and I don’t think anyone here needs that explained. I was only talking about how to copy the music on a computer, because the new Henle edition looks to me as if the operator(s) felt a more important relationship with the software than with the music itself.

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Re: Engraver vs Engraver; Editor vs Editor

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The editor simply decided that standard stem direction should be applied and the engraver followed orders. This is typical of many Henle editorial decisions. The notation is modernized for no reason other than standardization and without the player being informed of the fact. I have given examples of the modernization of slurring in regards to ties in another thread.
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