UE Product design Standards / & on cueing UE-rules

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Re: UE Product design Standards / & on cueing UE-rules

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Thank you John for these examples, it is very interesting to see some real-life Arnstein parts!

What strikes me in the Malediction examples is the use of the whole-measure rest for all multi-measure rests, instead of the standard multi-measure rest symbol. A short-lived Arnstein experiment, I guess?

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Re: UE Product design Standards / & on cueing UE-rules

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You are very welcome, erelievonen. Somehow, I had forgotten about these parts and was happy to have found them. Yes, the strange multi-measure rest might have been an experiment, or an undocumented bygone style. It was not like him to experiment with things like that. We always used the standard one when I worked with him during the 1970s.
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Re: UE Product design Standards

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Ralph L. Bowers jr. wrote:Does anyone have other publisher style sheets to share?
There are a few in the Books & Sites section here.
John Rethorst

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