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RMK wrote:cGilmore: Is that Symphony of Psalms?
Yes it is! It's the choir book, so it's a piano reduction of the orchestra part. Performing that in college was one of my favorite experiences in school.
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Re: On Beaming

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Case 1. Posting the URL of a piece that is not in public domain everywhere

IMSLP warns users that some pieces are not in public domain everywhere. I have no idea of the legality of posting the URL of a piece that is not in pubic domain internationally, since the link does not contain the warning, and I don't want to find out the hard way.

Case 2. Posting a fragment of a piece that is not in public domain everywhere

It depends on the forbearance of the copyright holder. In the case of some composers and publishers, the level of forbearance could be very low. I remember an issue with Universal vs IMSLP that brought down the whole site several years ago. So I don't want to find that out the hard way either.

For this reason, I have limited my posting to music that is in public domain everywhere, and try to find other ways to refer readers to music that is still under copyright protection. A very good way has been through the sample views provided by the publishers themselves at sheet music.com.
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