Legatos in the vocal music

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Re: Legatos in the vocal music

Post by OCTO » 08 Sep 2018, 10:32

David Ward wrote:
08 Sep 2018, 08:21
OCTO wrote:
06 Sep 2018, 07:55
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David Ward wrote:
06 Sep 2018, 06:51
On further thought I don't see any compelling reason why in this instance you should not add legato slurs to groups of syllables.
Interestingly, here in Boulez, he indeed uses slurs as the phrasing tool. It looks similar to what I would need.
Boulez, Pli Selon Pli 3
This use of two levels of slur seems entirely sensible and clear in meaning to me. However, I'm not sure everyone agrees.
I strongly believe that is the way. If you make slurs ONLY on the main notes covering one syllable it would look completely different, and not so musically.

Interestingly: Boulez writes lyrics under the grace notes, and also has slurs from-to grace notes!
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