Non-melisma slurs in vocal music?

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David Ward
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Non-melisma slurs in vocal music?

Post by David Ward » 07 Dec 2018, 17:12

Is my meaning clear from my use of a slur for the Dowager in bars 224 & 225? Crotchet (1/4) = 84.

This is a piece put aside in 2011 and now due extensive revision, including in its engraving (eg I plan smaller italic bar numbers, all vocal articulations to be above the stave &c &c &c). However, my specific question here relates to the slur. This type of slur is very common in nineteenth century opera, but with modern beaming etc, I'm wondering if its meaning might seem obscure or redundant.

BTW the obsessively repeating double bassoon is echoing and mocking an earlier vocal phrase: ‘give it all to the poor’ (full sentence: ‘He means to give it all to the poor’).
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Re: Non-melisma slurs in vocal music?

Post by Schonbergian » 08 Dec 2018, 00:14

It's not the modern beaming that makes it redundant, but rather the "espress." marking. What I read you wanting from the slur is an entirely connected musical idea with a bit more liberty than usual to preserve the connection - in other words, what espress. would tell me.

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