E. Gould and the Double-staffed Multi-measure Rest

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Re: E. Gould and the Double-staffed Multi-measure Rest

Post by Knut » 10 Dec 2015, 22:45

John Ruggero wrote:My pet theory is that she preferred to ignore the issue because it was so cumbersome to implement in Finale. (I don't know about Sibelius.) Perhaps she hoped that Finale and/or Sibelius would eventually add the capability and then she could explain it in the second edition. Or Finale and or Sibelius would never add it, it would die a peaceful death, and she would never have to explain it.
You might be right, but since 'faking it' is a relatively simple manual process in both Sibelius and Finale, at least for a single instance in a musical example, I find it even more likely that she either 'forgot' to mention it, or didn't see the need to.

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