Single note-measure placement

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John Ruggero
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Re: Single note-measure placement

Post by John Ruggero » 06 Sep 2016, 20:15

If one selects the entire piece, the plug-in will make the desired change to all measures that contain a single note per staff, but not affect any other measures.
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Re: Single note-measure placement

Post by OCTO » 07 Sep 2016, 10:24

MJCube wrote:Just curious (as I don’t use Finale for work any more): Does the plugin find candidate measures in the selection too?
What is your main editor?

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Re: Single note-measure placement

Post by MJCube » 12 Sep 2016, 13:47

[Off topic:]
I got Sibelius 1.4 at the end of 2000 and stopped taking Finale work in early 2004. There was no comparison in ease of use. I had gotten to know Finale quite well in the 1990s, from v. 1.0 on. In early 1989 I spent weeks editing a 9-page letter to the company (then Coda Music Software) with detailed suggestions for improvements. Over the next 10 years I saw almost every one of my suggestions show up in the software — but of course with no acknowledgement to me, as I’m sure I wasn’t the only one suggesting many of those things.

I have looked very briefly at Lilypond and MuseScore and online tools such as NoteFlight. And of course I am very interested in Dorico. I always appreciate the clarity (and decent beauty) of SCORE output when I see it. But I admit I’m not surprised that Finale is the tool of the majority on this forum who care about the optimal balance of so many visual and editorial aspects of scores. Among software that runs under current operating systems it offers the most control.

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