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Re: Music Type Foundry - new fonts!

Post by Snorlax » 09 Feb 2017, 02:14

tisimst wrote:
26 Nov 2016, 19:27
MJCube wrote:Congratulations, sir!! What a gigantic compilation of fine, fine work. This ability to precisely mimic the punches of major engraving houses is something a friend & I have fantasized about since Finale first came out in 1988.
Thank you, MJCube! It has been a long time coming, but I'm very happy to be able to offer them. I hope they can be enjoyable to use and, more importantly, make your scores more personalized.
I am a recent purchaser of the MTF-Ross font and am extremely pleased with the look and the ease of integration into WinFin 2014.5.
My brass-playing friends have also commented positively on the look and the ease of reading.
Additionally, the couple of questions I had about the font were answered quickly and completely!
I'll be buying some more of these fonts as I do more and more typesetting with Finale.
Most highly recommended! Thanks to tisimst for the fine work!!

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