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Re: Font Attempt

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OCTO wrote:
11 Dec 2017, 09:16
John Ruggero wrote:
11 Dec 2017, 00:29
odod, I understand your interest in the fonts used by these publishers and desire to personalize your engraving, but not why you seem to imitate other less praiseworthy aspects of these editions. But maybe I am wrong about you doing that. In any case, for me, the personalizing has more to do with decisions regarding layout, settings etc. than the actual font, as important as that is.
I think that odod is fascinated by music fonts on a purely esthetical experience of the symbols, and I indeed understand him well, since I am too very interested in that. Also the subject of this thread is just about his font attempt.

But I would like to embolden your thought that not font (unless it is a ridiculously bad font [such as g-clef in Opus]) but everything else decide the engraving quality. I completely agree with that statement.
I was stunned by an edition made in Finale 2001 which used just plain Maestro+TimesNR fonts. It was truly an ingenious use of the software.

Thank you OCTO for outpoint my intention, indeed i was only attempt to have purely aesthetic experience through the adventure of music engraving. If i may know, which piece was it the one that you were fascinated by ?
John Ruggero wrote:
11 Dec 2017, 16:22
odod, I think that through your admirable experimentation, you will gain more and more self-confidence and become less reliant on existing editions. Then your engraving will be completely "personalized."
Thank you for the kind words John, yet again i had to learn also from an expert like you on this matter. i hope you and the rest of the guys in here does not mind to always giving knowledge and sharing regarding to these fun and challenging piece of mastery called "Music Engraving".

warm regards
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Re: Font Attempt

Post by John Ruggero »

You are very welcome, odod. Please do continue to post your work and questions; it contributes a lot to this forum.
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