New TEXT font testing web page

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New TEXT font testing web page

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I thought I'd share this here since it probably isn't well known outside of the text font design circles. However, since I know several of you are also designing text faces, I thought you might find it useful for general testing. No, I didn't create it, so don't thank me for that (ha ha). It's a clone of the popular testing page created by Pablo Impallari and others (source code can be found at

Here's the link:

If you've not used the page before, I strongly recommend reading the README on the Github repository above (just click the link above and scroll down below the list of file names to see it, including a link to a demonstration video).

Explore! It will take you deeper into font mastering than you probably ever realized you might need to consider. Even if you're not into font creation, it's a great site to quickly see what a font might look like in all sorts of situations if you are debating between text fonts in your scores.

And, no, there isn't an equivalent site for music font testing. Maybe someday.
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