Octave transposing clef design?

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Fred G. Unn
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Re: Octave transposing clef design?

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liuscorne wrote:
29 Nov 2019, 14:32
“Do not use these clefs to replace genuine octave transpositions (Britten used them in his late scores, especially for piano and harp). The clefs tend to go unnoticed, as the player is unaccustomed to reading them.”
I am banging my head as I write this, but he has suggested some "Note change of clef" text at the first entrance of each clef in each movement. I have responded that I can also do a version using typical ottava signs if he would like to see it. He said no, but I might do it anyway and see what he says after seeing them.

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John Ruggero
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Re: Octave transposing clef design?

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You have my most sincere sympathy, Fred. It's a lot more fun working for Beethoven, who knew the danger of missed octave signs and drew a prominent squiggly continuation line after the 8va and terminated it with the word "loco".
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