"Ten Music Notation Programs", including Dorico

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Re: "Ten Music Notation Programs", including Dorico

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Re: "Ten Music Notation Programs", including Dorico

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odod wrote:
17 Mar 2020, 11:25
head over here sir
Are they still selling it for for $895, despite not having worked on it for 20 years?

There are a surprising number of commercial notation apps still apparently in business: Crescendo, Forte, Cappella, Guitar Pro, Harmony/Melody Assistant, Mozart, Mus2, Musink, MusicEase, Notion, Overture, ScoreCloud,

But an equal number that are 'vaporware' or abandoned**: Encore, Graphire, Igor Engraver, MagicScore, MusEdit, MusiCAD, Music Write, Nightingale, NoteWorthy Composer, SCORE... and probably several others that have been forgotten.

** Anything that has not released an update for 5 years, or whose websites are gathering cobwebs, giving system requirements as "up to Windows XP", etc.

Free/Open Source has largely congregated around Lilypond front-ends and MuseScore. There are couple of other projects.

I did once have an idea to write my own notation app, though the results would have disappointed me, I'm sure.

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