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Re: Feature Request Forum at MM

Post by HaraldS » 04 Feb 2017, 07:23

Indeed, Michael Johnson's participation sounds promising. In the old forums, MM didn't notice or react to feature requests at all, so it's encouraging that such a dedicated forum exists and that Michael is active there on a regular basis. No one knows whether or which requested features will make their way into Finale, but MM showing interest in the users's needs is a positively new basis of communication.

I'm still somehow discouraged when it comes to plug-in development. No news of Jari concerning JWLua, MM doesn't give the PDK away any more, the plug-in development forum closed with all the other old MM forums and there is hardly any activity on the mailing list. I consider plug-ins to be in close relationship to feature requests, because many small feature requests could easily be solved by a script or a plug-in and wouldn't need a whole new feature in Finale's core code.

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