SCORE Music Publishing System VS. Graphire Music Press

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George M19
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Re: SCORE Music Publishing System VS. Graphire Music Press

Post by George M19 » 08 Sep 2017, 02:02

I purchased Graphire Music Press from E. Mansfield. Thanks jrethorst!

I haven't gotten too far along with it, but it functions more like an engraving simulator than a practical computer program; there is no wizard to help setup the score for a particular project, you have to draw how many staves you need (instruments), the minimum distance between staves, how they are grouped, how barlines are drawn (whether on staves or through them), all more or less manually. Even though you can get high quality results with the program, with such a high learning curve I can see why it didn't catch on.

Having said that, I can see the same thing happening to Finale right now. Although, I hope that really doesn't happen.

If anyone is interested in seeing samples of Music Press, let me know. I guess I can do requests .. but it'll take me a while to get familiar with the program.

Thanks all!

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Re: SCORE Music Publishing System VS. Graphire Music Press

Post by OCTO » 08 Sep 2017, 08:02

Thank you for your feedback. It would be great to start a new topic (or topics) with just your learning curve and with some results. As many people here are very interested in any notation software regardless of its learning difficulties, your contribution would be very appreciated. I don't know if anyone else is using Graphite Music Press here on the forum.
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Re: SCORE Music Publishing System VS. Graphire Music Press

Post by jrethorst » 01 Oct 2017, 16:03

You're welcome, George. A couple of thoughts: when I got the program it came with a Windows PDF manual. I'm on a Mac and asked Ernie; he promptly sent a Mac manual. It might have something about score setup, or the Yahoo group could. Otherwise, I'd just make a few templates. If that's the way to do it, I'd be surprised if the Yahoo group's Files section didn't have some. Also, the Graphire sample in the Ten Music Notation Programs 2nd ed. comparison (see the thread on it in this forum) was done by a music publisher, Whitco Press. They might have other sources for templates.
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