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Re: Engraving in MuseScore

Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 16:55
I am back with engraving of my violin piece.
Still I am using version 2.3 since opening the document in MS3 makes the file unusable (because of to many manual edits).

In a way it is a "pleasant torture", but now when I look at the score, I wonder how I would do it in Finale or Sibelius. I have started engraving this piece in Sibelius and in Finale, and I can notice that Sibelius lacks full control and Finale lacks the final beauty.

As I said once, what I like in MS is that each item on page has its own coordinates, color and size and so it is easy to edit these by typing numbers. Therefore it is easy to copy these numbers to other items in order to make it look more uniformly.

Now I am in the second movement.

Here is for comparison the same music with non-printable objects and printable output.
Just as information. Some things are going to be edited. Comments welcome.
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Re: Engraving in MuseScore

Posted: 02 Jul 2019, 12:37
by David Ward
It certainly looks impressive.