Dorico 1.2 released

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Re: Dorico 1.2 released

Post by Florian » 08 Jan 2018, 21:00

It’s a bit difficult to explain. It basically means that Dorico will draw evenly tapered slur shapes – like Finale does.
Right now, if you examine Dorico’s slur shapes carefully, you can see where the outline of the skeleton line and the outline of the tapered shape cross.
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Re: Dorico 1.2 released

Post by Knut » 08 Jan 2018, 21:33

Florian wrote:
07 Jan 2018, 22:10
Florian wrote:
11 Dec 2017, 15:56
On the topic of Dorico's slurs, especially the basic slur shape – Daniel Spreadbury allowed me to cite him from an email he wrote to me today:
We do know about this, of course, and it's a consequence of drawing the slur with two lines: a fixed width "skeleton" line and a tapered path over the top. The reason we do this is because calculating the correct angle for the sharp ends of the slurs is non-trivial, though of course it can be done.

We will address this in future, for certain – there are a number of improvements to slur drawing and positioning that we would like to make.
This sounds good to me.

In addition to this, for all those who are unfamiliar with handling slurs in Dorico: Dorico provides as much control over the curvature and angle of slurs as Finale. Considering that you can create (beautiful) flat slurs, and even change the thickness individually for each slur, there's even more control in Dorico. The downside is that, as things stand now, manual adjustments to slurs are necessary far more often than in Finale.
Just to let all of you know: Daniel Spreadbury told me that slurs will be drawn as a single path with no skeleton line in the next release of Dorico. The 'basic slur shape issue' will be history soon.
I'm astounded again and again at how responsive they are to user requests. Not something I'm used to from Finale.
Thanks for the report, Florian!

I agree that the responsiveness of the Dorico team is quite amazing.

MakeMusic has been more engaged and responsive towards their user base since moving the official forum to Zendesk. However, given their established update cycle and the fact that they haven't released anything substantial in quite a while, it's hard to say how this newfound transparency will translate into actual developments.

In any case, it's pretty obvious that the Dorico team's extraordinary approach to support and user interaction gives them an invaluable competitive edge.

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Re: Dorico 1.2 released

Post by JulianBennettHolmes » 31 Jan 2018, 03:10

At version 1.2, Dorico is still missing some important features, but the program is so easy to use compared to Finale, with so many fewer bugs, and the output looks so good, that I use it anyway. The finished score, in my experience, requires far, far less manual editing than Finale scores do.

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