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HB Music Engraver

Posted: 19 May 2018, 10:21
by odod
I am kinda interested with the output result of this piece of software that i've never used. This guy is really amazing, he also shares his works for public.

the font looks like the one that Sher music is using, the combination of its own clef with opus's noteflag

short description is here
and here ... f=1&t=9515

and here's the output sample

Re: HB Music Engraver

Posted: 23 May 2018, 14:55
by benwiggy
At first glance, the beam stems look too tall.

Isn't it ancient legacy software? The article is from 1986 !

Re: HB Music Engraver

Posted: 24 May 2018, 17:06
by Schonbergian
I've seen this used on ancient computer scores from the 90s. I think most users had to write in the lyrics by hand with it.

Definitely not a fan of the output.

Re: HB Music Engraver

Posted: 26 May 2018, 16:38
by jrethorst
As an aside, Thorlaksson's arrangements are not too well-regarded by guitarists.

Re: HB Music Engraver

Posted: 26 May 2018, 16:44
by jrethorst
It would be nice to find a web site showcasing old notation programs with examples of interface and output. Professional Composer / Composer's Mosaic. Igor Engraver, Personal Composer, Amadeus / Vivaldi. has others.