Notatio members meeting

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Notatio members meeting

Post by OCTO »

Dear Notatio friends,
Yesterday I was in Oslo and used that opportunity to meed with our forum member Knut.
We enjoyed a marvellous coffee at Mocca, and (as notation nerds do...) discussed publishing, font design, SMuFL, Dorico, Finale, music, coffee, language, job. A wonderful meeting!
We skipped english and managed to communicate in two nordic languages.
Knut has shown his work on new fonts palletes, that look very promising. Looking forward to seeing that when finished.

Djuro (L) Knut (R) at Mocca.jpg
Djuro (L) Knut (R) at Mocca.jpg (132.3 KiB) Viewed 6373 times
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Re: Notatio members meeting

Post by Schonbergian »

Very cool. I wonder if some sort of meeting could be arranged for our North American members as well.

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Re: Notatio members meeting

Post by Knut »

It was a wonderful meeting indeed!

I would strongly suggest organising such a meeting if you live fairly close to each other or are travelling. It's so nice and easy to become friends in real life when you have as much in common as most of us have.

And please drop me a line if anyone of you are travelling to Oslo in future.

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