The biggest scandal in music publishing

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Re: The biggest scandal in music publishing

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Anyway, I've downloaded the Gilbert scores, and will add them to my list of keyboard works to have a go at.

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Re: The biggest scandal in music publishing

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I'd be interested in your reaction, Ben. I think that playing them oneself over some period of time is the key to a true appreciation of these pieces, because they are a player's music. The act of playing them is a big part of the experience as with the music of Chopin, a composer that Scarlatti is often linked with.

The Gilbert has them arranged by Kirkpatrick number, which is not chronological, so very early ones and later ones sometimes rub shoulders. The first 30 comprise the set that Scarlatti published and while all top-drawer in quality contains some of the most difficult technically. The range of difficulty varies haphazardly throughout the volumes from quite easy to very difficult. There are easier ones that are early and less interesting, but also some that are highly interesting. All the very difficult ones are superb. The very last ones (vol. 11 in GIlbert) are the finest from all points of view and remind one of the last works of the other great composers.

In my opinion, they constitute a complete course in keyboard playing, and with Chopin's, the best etudes ever written.
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