PDF options for publishers

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PDF options for publishers

Post by OCTO »

Is there any option for publishers to send a file that is only printable, but password protected?
Or a PDF score that is displayed on the screen, and print-able, but not download-able?

What would you do in order to send a file to an orchestra that needs to be printed, but not be able to use it further (save as PDF, mail, upload to another service)?

The most obvious solution would be a subscription or hardware solution such as Amazon Kindle, but I need a simpler solution.

Is it possible to generate a print-file that can print to the hardware printer only, but not being able to display as PDF? Password protected?

I know, I wish to much!
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Re: PDF options for publishers

Post by benwiggy »

Any file can be copied from one computer to another, so you can't stop it from being downloaded, archived, or shared. You can make it password protected to open, or to copy to the pasteboard, or to print. But if you want someone to print it, then you have to give them the password. And if someone can print a PDF, they can print it to a new file that lacks the protection.

At best, you can make it more difficult to copy. There are apps that remove passwords on PDF by just dragging them onto the app. There are third-party, stronger, solutions, but they are often expensive to license and you are then at the mercy of them to maintain their software.

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Re: PDF options for publishers

Post by RMK »

I would suggest that if you are going to send your PDF parts and score to an orchestra that you not password-protect them. Librarians need to make practice parts for the strings and often need several scores (for assistant conductor, bowings, technical staff, etc.). A professional librarian would never send your materials to another orchestra without your explicit permission.

As an orchestra librarian, I was not a happy camper when sent electronic files rather than hard copy. I had enough to do without serving as the composer's publisher as well. That being said, at least I had control over the presentation and could make sure it was printed in a professional manner.

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