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Re: Starting and running publishing business

Posted: 24 Oct 2022, 08:42
by NeeraWM
I have a sad news.
Halstan came back to me saying they no longer offer the Print-on-Demand. Here's what they wrote:
It has proven to be uneconomical for us and the customers in the long run. Due to the high manual effort for a single product, we would have had to increase prices to a level that no one is willing to pay. We produce runs of 10 or more and then deliver them to 1 address
This could still prove good once one has an established relationship with music shops who are willing to buy at least 10 copies of each title (unlikely?).

Does anyone of you know of any other service that does print-on-demand and delivery for 1+ copies?
I am inquiring myself around and will report back if I find anything.
I see editions like Musedita which are based in Italy but are distributed globally, so there must be something.

The other printer, Lightning Source UK, has not replied yet.

Re: Starting and running publishing business

Posted: 25 Oct 2022, 06:58
by David Ward
I think you are in Italy, but if you have UK or Irish customers, the Scottish Music Centre (SMC) has a music printing and binding service that is very flexible ... ng-binding Members (including me) get priority (or at least a discount) and sometimes there are delays because of the ‘queue’, but you might find they could be helpful.

The SMC can of course post to the EU or further afield, but this would increase the cost and potential delays.

Re: Starting and running publishing business

Posted: 25 Oct 2022, 09:50
by NeeraWM
Thank you so much David.
I am trying to cover as many territories as possible, and, also, it seems that I need to have multiple printers/distributors, or this will not work in the long run.
Yes, I'm based in Italy, but I am reluctant to ask here about printing and distributing, as I know no Italian publisher prints in Italy and they have no availability of US formats. Thanks!