Lost Notation 5

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Re: Lost Notation 5

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John Ruggero wrote:
14 Jun 2020, 13:09
What I tried to illustrate is that this is a voice-leading phenomenon, not a a harmonic one. Just because something is in long notes doesn't mean that it is structurally significant or expresses harmonic root tones.
For me, in traditional music, there are always the two dimensions of horizontal and vertical - all the time. Also here. To deny that I find very strange. Not to speak of the aspect of time. Time can considerably change how we perceive harmonies as well as linear relations.
John Ruggero wrote:
14 Jun 2020, 13:09
Beethoven would never write something that is illogical; it was against his religion, the eternal religion of counterpoint.
Well, if so, Beethoven might have felt a little shaken in his belief at this point. (This said without irony, actually.)
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Re: Lost Notation 5

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I haven't read the Kinderman, David. From the online preview it looks well-researched and exhaustive and is probably valuable from the historical point of view.
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