Sharing template and settings

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Sharing template and settings

Post by Danilorusso »

Hi to all user, I’m a newbie of music engraving, some of the expert and professional user that would be so kind tho share template or settings from a little help to start studying the art of music engraving.
Paper size A4
L/R Margin T/B Margin
Suggested staff size
Solo 7mm
Duo with piano 5mm / 7mm
Quartet 5 mm
Orchestra 4.5 mm
Title font size
Composer font size
Ecc ecc

Also if possible to share this information from famous edition.
Thank you so much to all

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Re: Sharing template and settings

Post by OCTO »

I think that the best way is to read various topics on the forum and to do your own research. When you make your own research many things you will see and notice very small details you would never think about.

All things above are in fact not crucial for publishing as having "a default".

Also, a very good approach would be to make one page of your work, post it here and you will definitely get valuable responses.
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