Real Book Style

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Real Book Style

Post by odod »

I came across with these two styles, which one do you prefer ?
home made font based on Sher Music Real Book
Sher.png (794.34 KiB) Viewed 6412 times
Hand.png (799.59 KiB) Viewed 6412 times
any advise on the style itself ?

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Re: Real Book Style

Post by Schonbergian »

Notwithstanding some minor engraving issues, I much prefer the balance of the second. The first is too high-contrast and light, especially when compared to the text font, and I think the time signature being larger than the staff only looks appropriate when hand-written.

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John Ruggero
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Re: Real Book Style

Post by John Ruggero »

I agree.
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Re: Real Book Style

Post by laurencepayne »

Both irritatingly 'quirky' I'm afraid. The '7' characters in the chord names are particularly annoying. And many chord symbols are aligned too far to the right.


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