The longest slur - ever.

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John Ruggero
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Re: The longest slur - ever.

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Glad you are enjoying looking through all the old posts, Den. Welcome aboard!
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Re: The longest slur - ever.

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John Ruggero wrote:
20 Feb 2020, 16:26
Glad you are enjoying looking through all the old posts, Den. Welcome aboard!
Dear Mr. Ruggero, and other good people

Looking at some old posts I can learn a lot again (no matter what I'm :b :n5 :n1 :fer :mrgreen:
It's not just about clicking, it's about visual perception and the adoption of some complex details in various examples of notation, which I may implement for some purpose ... when at some point I realize exactly what part I need at some point I find myself learning it . Then comes the old adage that "Man is not born learned, but learns while alive." Before every work, I like to first analyze and prepare something (visually in the mind) and then bring it to reality. Otherwise, I am an opera singer and have encountered many different examples in vocal literature. In my opinion, Beethoven is very, very explicitly very vocal to interpret, so I tried to think, "Ohhh ... What was the genius of the mind when he could write something like that?" (IXSimphony) . Mozart and other also ... A little now I'm trying to get back into some kind of notation and I'm really glad to be in this forum where I see really nice and examples of education and intellectual uplifting both in the notographic sense and in the normal human relationship where people help others and give their different opinions ...

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