November music font 2.3 free update

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November music font 2.3 free update

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The latest version 2.3 of the November 2 music font is available on Klemm Music website.

This is a free maintenance update with a decent number of new glyphs and improvements.

So if you are a November 2 customer already, you should have received (or you will very soon receive) an email from Klemm with the download link which is protected with a user/password that you got upon purchasing November 2 at the beginning. (If you can't find these information, please email about it...)

For whom interested, I am also pleased to say that Medieval 2.5 is also about to be released - a free update as well, with interesting new features devoted to mensural music: an additional brand new font (Machaut), a new enty method for ligature entry, an import from MEI-mensural feature etc. That'll be announced soon...)

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Changes in November 2.3 (April 2021):

- optimized installers
- fixing typos in SMuFL names.
- finetuning and fixing issues in .json metadata
- setting existing glyphs to SmuFL range.
- fixed: U+EAAE (wiggleArpeggiatoDownArrow) had wrong direction
- adding extra accordion glyphs:
* U+E8CD...U+E8D1 accdnRicochet2...6 (accordion notation)
- adding glyphs (especially for Dorico compatibility):
* U+E937 mensuralNoteheadLongaWhite (#42)
* U+F66F noteheadDiamondOpenLeft (#48)
* U+E24E flag1024thUp
* U+E24F flag1024thDown
* U+E1DF...U+E1E6 note128thUp... note1024thDown
* U+E26C accidentalBracketLeft (#43)
* U+E26D accidentalBracketRight
* U+E542 dynamicHairpinParenthesisLeft
* U+E543 dynamicHairpinParenthesisRight
* U+E544 dynamicHairpinBracketLeft
* U+E545 dynamicHairpinBracketRight
* U+EAA0 wiggleTrillFastest
* U+EAA1 wiggleTrillFasterStill
* U+EAAB wiggleArpeggiatoUpSwash
* U+EAAC wiggleArpeggiatoDownSwash
* U+EAB0 wiggleVibrato
* U+EAB1 wiggleVibratoWide
* U+EAB2 guitarVibratoStroke
* U+EAB3 guitarWideVibratoStroke
- adding clef glyphs:
* U+E07A gClefChange
* U+E07B fClefChange
* U+E07C cClefChange
* U+E06E 4stringTabClef
- accelerando/ritardando beams: U+EAF4...EB03 beamAccelRit1...beamAccelRitFinal
- adding microtonal accidentals for Helmholtz-Ellis system (U+E2C0...U+E2FF)

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