MuseScore 4 - engraving improvements

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MuseScore 4 - engraving improvements

Post by benwiggy »

MuseScore have release a second public 'alpha' of version 4.

Still very much in development (has the schedule slipped? - I thought it was due earlier this year.); but there are some notable improvements to engraving, listed in this document here: (Document is actually dated March, but I don't think we've discussed it here?)

The improvements are all welcome, though the existing behaviour in v3 is often quite surprising, such as:

"Previously, individual staves of each system could start at different positions, depending on the length of each instrument label" :eek:

"The endpoints of ties will now automatically clear dots, flags, stems, noteheads and stave lines"

There are also improvements to playback -- VST3 support, and functional gradual tempo changes.

The release probably won't be until next year, and MuseScore is still playing catch-up -- but of course it stands out for one thing: the price. Maybe next year or maybe the one after: if you can knock out a reasonably attractive score, with well-adjusted beams and well-positioned slurs, with minimal effort, for free, then the commercial players need to bring considerably more than that to the table to justify any price tag. I don't think it's partisan to say that very few of them** are doing that.

** not forgetting that there are seemingly countless numbers of notation apps, all vying for market share.
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Re: MuseScore 4 - engraving improvements

Post by odod »

I could not wait for the release, I tried the alpha and beta, yes it's unstable but it has so many interesting features. And most of all it is FREE, one of the feature since beginning that I love is the select similar element on right click .. very handy

P.S: OKTO also contributed in the development
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Re: MuseScore 4 - engraving improvements

Post by tisimst »

Way to go, OCTO! Lots of great improvements here in this version for sure!
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