Whether to replace manuscript parts?

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Re: Whether to replace manuscript parts?

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I still believe that it is needed the infinite time.
....because I constantly change my mind. One day it looks perfect, another day I would change something, something crucial, and it would take another months of the life. :)
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Re: Whether to replace manuscript parts?

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I think infinite time (which we don’t have) is what you need in order to make things perfect! (which is impossible)
I was only talking about really, really good.

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Re: Whether to replace manuscript parts?

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John Ruggero wrote:
And hand copied parts by the composer communicate all of the unconscious information that is lost in the engraving process.
OCTO wrote:
I agree and disagree at the same time.
A perfect computer engraved score can be very beautiful.
OCTO, I certainly didn't mean the engraved scores cannot be beautiful. I think that they are generally more beautiful than hand-written scores. But there is information in handwriting that is lost in print. Thus, handwriting analysis etc.
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