How do I price a work?

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hautbois baryton
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How do I price a work?

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Hi folks, I am planning to attend the IDRS (International Double Reed Society) convention later this summer and hope to sell a few copies of my work Sept petits humoresques while I am there.

My question is how to price the work! It's a ~20 minute work suitable for advanced amateurs or better.

Any thoughts?
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Re: How do I price a work?

Post by MichelRE »

it's a chamber work? so only the 4 double reeds?

I'd say the number of pages has something to do with it.

My viola sonata, around 40 pages, sells through the CMC for around $30-35 CDN.
My piano variations, at around 25 pages, sells for just over $20.

These are printed on heavy CMC paper (I think you are familiar with it), 9.5x12.5, and have hard cardboard stock covers, printed in colour.

I don't know if that helps.

My symphonies all go for over $100, since they are full-sized orchestra scores at over 100 pages each.
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Re: How do I price a work?

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It depends, if you only want to get paid just for the print and the administration of it, or to collect the royalties in advance.

The best would be to check various publishers and similar works of living composers, and their prices. Remember though that as a small publisher you would probably need to get paid more than a large publisher.
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