Dorico 3.1 released

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Dorico 3.1 released

Post by benwiggy » 16 Jan 2020, 11:07

It must be Thursday: there's a new version of Dorico!

Dorico 3.1 includes the usual sackload of refinements and bug fixes, including:

Horizontal and Vertical Lines in a range of styles.
Bracketed noteheads, Enharmonic Ties, Square Brackets on Accidentals, and other notation enhancements.
Exporting/importing Master pages between documents.
Improvements to Condensing; Guitar and Chord notation; Playback and MIDI editing in Play mode.

... and much more!

There's also a free version: Dorico SE, with limited capabilities, to whet your appetite.

Also, all Dorico prices (including crossgrades) are 30% off for the next week, using the code JANSALE30 at the Steinberg checkout.

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Re: Dorico 3.1 released

Post by teacue » 21 Jan 2020, 14:30

One of the new feature I really welcome is Master Pages export/import.
It will save times and it allows to test different master pages layouts.

I am a bit disapointed with the added functions for the guitar diagrams.
The added functionality is great but I still miss fingerings (either at the bottom of the diagram or within the dots) and the possibility to mark the root note.

Of course the addition of horizontal and vertical lines is a great improvement too.

At the end I find that Steinberg added a quite impressive amount of improvments or new features in this update.
teacuemusic (Musicals)

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Re: Dorico 3.1 released

Post by benwiggy » 22 Jan 2020, 11:52

Yes, importing Master Pages has lessened my dependency on starting projects from Template files. Square Brackets on accidentals is massively useful for Early Music editions, and lines are useful in all sorts of ways. As ever, it's many of the little things that are the greatest boon to productivity.

In the future, I'd love to see some greater flexibility in Hiding Staves, and "Layout Changes", where you could adjust margins, systems per page, etc, at certain points. But Dorico is swiftly approaching maturity, and I'm sure that v4, later this year, will again amaze and astound.

The rapidly diminishing number of things that Dorico can't achieve natively do not outweigh its many amazing accomplishments. Nearly all of them can be achieved with judicious use of Text, Lines, Custom Performance Techniques or manual adjustments.
And, having moved from Finale to Dorico, complaining about having to do occasional manual adjustments or use a 'workaround' is dripping with irony.

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