Partial measures: accidentals

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Partial measures: accidentals

Post by MalteM »

Hi everybody,

do I have to repeat the :n after the double barline in the middle of m. 43? I think so but I’m not 100% sure.
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And how about accidentals after line breaks in the middle of a measure?
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Re: Partial measures: accidentals

Post by benwiggy »

It's always best to remove any doubt.

I'd try to avoid breaking a line in the middle of a measure, unless it's very long and/or open metre.

Anders Hedelin
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Re: Partial measures: accidentals

Post by Anders Hedelin »

About your first example: Because there is a B natural both in bar 43 and 44 maybe the B flat in 44 should have a courtesy accidental?

About your second example: It's difficult to tell if the full situation isn't clear. It looks like an excerpt of something.
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Re: Partial measures: accidentals

Post by OCTO »

It can happen that one will start rehearsing after the double bar line: therefore you need to repeat the accidental.
In the voice 2, RH, measure 44, I would like to see the B-flat courtesy as well.

The same with a long measure that is broken: yes, repeat the accidental.
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