Roman numeral with strike-through concepts

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Bernie Cossentino
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Roman numeral with strike-through concepts

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As I've seen these in the past (bottom two in image), they've long been applied in a font I'm completing. But as time goes on, I'm wondering if they're still relevant in today's teachings.

Have any of you seen/applied these angled strike-through Roman letter concepts? I understand they may be related, in part, to methods proposed by MacPherson many, many years ago...and so, not sure it's still relevant today. Others have noted that it refers to a rootless chord. I'm hoping to get some clearer insight.

If these angled strikes still apply today, what do they imply, and are their implications different between musical genres (jazz, pop, classical)?

I welcome your thoughts.

Many thanks,

analysis - strike-through Roman letters.png
analysis - strike-through Roman letters.png (7.32 KiB) Viewed 45027 times
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