"Urtext Kapellmeister"

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"Urtext Kapellmeister"

Post by benwiggy » 29 Nov 2016, 17:10

Has anyone used the "Kapellmeister" and other fonts from "Urtext Music Software"?

They look quite nice, but there's not enough information there, and the pages also talk about "coming in 2013".


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Re: "Urtext Kapellmeister"

Post by tisimst » 29 Nov 2016, 17:17

The only review I'm aware of was done by Philip Rothman on SibeliusBlog back in 2013:
http://www.sibeliusblog.com/news/urtext ... -fontshop/
http://www.sibeliusblog.com/news/leipzi ... -fontshop/
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Re: "Urtext Kapellmeister"

Post by Knut » 29 Nov 2016, 17:25

The Urtext fonts look very nice indeed. Although I've never used them, they are among the very few commercial music fonts that look like they were designed by a professional with a background in type design. My only quarrel with them is that they look a bit too embellished for maximum readablility, but this is not an issue for all types of music. As music fonts evoking a certain historical feel, they seem to look better than anything else I've seen.

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Re: "Urtext Kapellmeister"

Post by benwiggy » 29 Nov 2016, 17:30

Thanks. The samples are nice, but they do "evoke a historical feel", as you say.

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Re: "Urtext Kapellmeister"

Post by jan » 30 Nov 2016, 09:33

I have "Leipzig 1803" from Urtext and assume that Kapellmeister is similar from a technical point of view.
An example of Leipzig 1803 can be found here: Vintage Score
The package comes with a font similar to Maestro (OTF and TTF), but not 100% compatible, and a number of fonts for Sibelius.
There is also an accompanying text file with the settings for the flags (for Finale and Sibelius).
All fonts were designed by Stephen Carisse.

I contacted him last year, sent him a list of bugs of his font that I noticed in Finale and asked him if he would
send me his other fonts for free for including them in the Music Font Comparison which already includes Leipzig 1803.
Never heard anything. Then a few months ago I started a second attempt and received the answer that he doesn't have time for that...
hm, not the user support that one would expect.
His fonts still look very nice though.


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